Corkage: We encourage you to select wines from our extensive cellar. If, however, we do not offer your choice, we will gladly serve your favorite bottle of wine or champagne for a $22.00 per 750ml fee.

Plating fee: We offer a variety of Persian desserts; If you choose to provide your own cake, desert or any other items, we will present, plate and properly serve your dessert for $3.00 per guest.

Decorations: We do not allow tape or pins on the walls, or confetti of any kind

 A $10 per person deposit will be taken upon reservation for groups of 8 or more or any private booking. Cancellations up to 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund of the deposit.

22% Gratuity + 9.25% Sales Tax will be added to all private party events or groups of 6 or more.

Maximum 2.5 hours per seating per reservation; $200 / hour room charge for occupancy longer than 2.5 hours. $200 / hour room charge for occupancy past 10:00pm. (charged in 15 minute increments)

Board Room: $900 minimum (exclusive of tax and tip)
Shiraz Room: $1400 minimum (exclusive of tax and tip)
Board Room and Shiraz Room: $2300 minimum (exclusive of tax and tip)

A signed contract is required for any private booking.

For more information on Private Parties, see our Private Parties page.

Private Parties