About Us

Chelokababi is a family owned and operated restaurant that dates back to 1979. It was started by Mohammad and Ashraf Rahbar shortly after they arrived in the United States from Iran, trying to re-establish their life after leaving everything behind during the revolution. The first few years Chelokababi was in business, it occupied only the area that is now the lobby, and featured simple counter service. The entire restaurant only had three picnic tables for customers to dine-in. During the busy lunch period, it was not uncommon to pull into the parking lot and see groups of happy people standing around and socializing while enjoying their kabob on the hoods of their cars.

Well, certainly things have changed since the early days. In 1984, Chelokababi expanded into the area next door, metamorphosing into the full service establishment that we all know and love today. Along the way, Chelokababi has become famous state-wide for serving authentic Persian Cuisine using the same methods and traditions used for generations in Iran. With an unwavering policy of using only the freshest ingredients, and portions generous to make sure that no one ever goes home hungry, Chelokababi Restaurant really has become Persian Delicacy at it's Finest.

Our mission is making sure that no detail is left unfinished, whether creating spectacular meals in the restaurant, or putting together lunch for 50 people for one of our many corporate clients.

Whether you are one of our corporate clients, a lunchtime regular at the restaurant, or just a casual visitor thinking about us again, we thank you for being our customer, and helping us become the business we are today.

Ashraf, Mehdi, Mohsen, Mehrdad, Mahnaz Rahbar & Maryam Rahbar Lane