Group Menu
(20 guests minimum) - Please choose one group.

All entrees are served family style with saffron rice, BBQ tomatoes, and green salad. For lunch take out only.

(All prices are per person)

Joojeh Kabab (chicken)
Kabab Koobideh (ground beef).
$18.95 per person
Joojeh Kabab (chicken)
Shish Kabab (beef)
Kabab Koobideh (beef)
Barbecued Vegetables
$24.95 per person
Mahi Kabab (Salmon)
Kabab Barg (Beef) or Shish Kabab (beef)
Joojeh Kabab (chichen)
Koobideh Kabab
Barbecued Vegetables.
$26.50 per person
* Individual Vegetarian meals available
(Saffron Rice, Salad, Falafel, Kashko Bodemjon, Humos)
$17.95 per person
Add Drink (Soda)
Add Appetizer (kashko Bodemjon, or Hummus)
Add Yogurt Side order (Garlic or Cucumber)
Add Baghlava
Add Dessert (Persian Pastries)

$3.75 per person
$2.50 per person
$2.00 per person
$6.50 per person
$3.75 per person

Tax, Tip, and/or Delivery Fees are not included.