Kabob Entrees
All kababs are cooked over charcoal grill.
Served with barbecued tomatoes
and Saffron Basmati Rice.
Kabab Barg
A skewer of tender  center cut filet mignon.
Kabab Koobideh
Two barbecued skewers of marinated lean ground beef prepared in Chelokababi marinade .
Chengeh Kabab
Tender pieces of filet mignon.
A Royal combination of kabab Barg and kabab Koobideh.
Shish Kabab
Delicious array of marinated filet mignon, bell peppers, and onion.
Rack of Lamb
Marinated rack of lamb, prepared and served in traditional Persian style.
Kabab Bareh
A skewer of tender marinated filet of lamb.
Joojeh Kabab
Our specialty: Tender pieces of chicken fillet, marinated, and garnished with Saffron. A true Persian delicacy, served with basmati rice or salad.
Chicken Breast Kabab
Tender pieces of chicken breast, marinated and garnished with saffron.
Cornish Game Hen
Tender marinated pieces of cornish game hen garnished with saffron.
Koobideh Morgh
Two barbecued skewers of marinated ground chicken .
Mahi Kabab
Fresh salmon, served in Middle Eastern fashion.

Combination Kababs
Joojeh - Koobideh
Chicken Breast - Koobideh
Chengeh - Koobideh
Shish kabab - Koobideh
Barg - Joojeh
Joojeh - Chengeh
Chicken Breast - Barg
Barg - Joojeh - Koobideh


Zereshk Polo, Albaloo Polo or Addas Polo
Garnish your basmati rice with current berries and saffron. Served with any entree. Add $4.95.

Individual Kabab Skewers

Chicken Breast
Barg, Shish Kabab
Barbecued Vegetables